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A-Linje/Prinsesse Off-the-Shoulder Ermeløs Sweep/Børste train Sateng Kjole

Market Pris: kr 5 456

Salgs Pris: kr 1 264

(77% AVSLAG)

* Obligatoriske felt

Skreddertid:12-15 dager Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller egendefinerte mål, våre skred lage hver kjole på bestilling. Frakttid:3-8 dager Din kjole vil være ferdig skreddersøm på rundt 12-15 dager. Da vil vi sende den ut via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Denne kjolen er Laget på bestilling. Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller egendefinerte mål, våre skred lage hver kjole på bestilling.

Den tidligste ankomstdatoen er 30/08/2018 dersom ordren er registrert i dag.

A-Linje/Prinsesse Off-the-Shoulder Ermeløs Sweep/Børste train Sateng Kjole

Årstid Vår,Sommer,Falle,Vinter
Stoff Satin
Halsutskjæring Ermeløs
Silhouette A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde Ermeløs
Utsmykning Volanger
Midje Naturlig
Hemline/Tog Sweep/Børste train
Vist Farge Rosa
pakkevekt 1500.0000


  1. A-Linje/Prinsesse Scoop Ermeløs Sweep/Børste train Applikasjoner Chiffong Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 496

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 104

  2. Ballkjole Scoop Lange ermer Blonder Bane-tog Sateng Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 6 992

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 288

  3. A-Linje/Prinsesse Ermeløs Scoop Perlebesydd Sweep/Børste train Chiffong Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 808

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 192

  4. Lange ermer A-Linje/Prinsesse Båthals Perlebesydd Gulvlengde Chiffong Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 208

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 208

  5. Kappe/Kolonne V-hals Paljetter Bane-tog Ermeløs Jersey Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 5 240

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 264

  6. A-Linje/Prinsesse V-hals Ermeløs Applikasjoner Tyll Sweep/Børste train Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 5 728

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 368

  1. A-Linje/Prinsesse Ermeløs Høyhals Tyll Perlebesydd Gulvlengde Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 504

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 296

  2. Ballkjole Ermeløs Båthals Applikasjoner Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 7 472

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 320

  3. A-Linje/Prinsesse Ermeløs V-hals Tyll Applikasjoner Gulvlengde Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 504

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 320

  4. A-Linje/Prinsesse Ermeløs Spagettistropper Sateng Gulvlengde Sash/Pyntebånd/Belte Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 656

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 000

  5. Ballkjole V-hals Lange ermer Blonder Bane-tog Tyll Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 14 992

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 320

  6. A-Linje/Prinsesse Ermeløs Båthals Chiffong Paljetter Gulvlengde Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 696

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 160

  1. Ballkjole Ermeløs V-hals Perlebesydd Gulvlengde Tyll Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 6 016

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 424

  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Scoop Hals Uten Ermer Chiffong Rhinestone Sweep/Børste train Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 5 296

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 248

  3. Ballkjole Høyhals Ermeløs Gulvlengde Perlebesydd Organza Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 624

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 256

  4. Trompet/Havfrue Off-the-Shoulder Ermeløs Blonder Perlebesydd Sweep/Børste train Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 712

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 128

  5. Ballkjole Tyll 3/4 Ermer Båthals Blonder Bane-tog Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 9 400

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 616

  6. Women's Suede Stiletto Heel Peep Toe Platform Høyeheler

    Market Pris: kr 2 069

    Salgs Pris: kr 358

  1. Ballkjole Lange ermer Båthals Sateng Gulvlengde Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 960

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 160

  2. Ballkjole V-hals Lange ermer Blonder Bane-tog Sateng Brudekjoler

    Market Pris: kr 6 904

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 352

  3. Silicone 3/4 Cup Stroppløs Invisible Wedding Party BH

    Market Pris: kr 290

    Salgs Pris: kr 160

  4. Women's Stiletto Heel Suede Closed Toe Platform Høyeheler

    Market Pris: kr 2 416

    Salgs Pris: kr 461

  5. A-Linje/Prinsesse Sateng V-hals Lange ermer Sweep/Børste train Frynse Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 824

    Salgs Pris: kr 960

  6. Ballkjole Applikasjoner Sateng Gulvlengde Ermeløs Off-the-Shoulder Kjole

    Market Pris: kr 4 808

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 160



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So I wanted to do a review of everything I wanted to know before I purchased this dress, so I hope this is comprehensive enough.
A few things to note beforehand:
1) Order well well in advance (there were three options for shipping: standard, rush, and the extra rushed one. I used the rush order and my dress arrived two days after the expected arrival date, so it was too late to make last-minute alterations)
2) But, luckily, I put my measurements as pretty fitted (I'll list my measurements below-I wear around a size 0 pant) so the dress fit well except for the sleeves. We used safety pins to hold it back because the sleeves were very floppy so I would suggest sewing that if you get this dress.
3) There is a built-in bra so you won't need to wear one and the zipper worked well but kind of needed to be forced for the upper half, but it wasn't a major issue, nothing needed to be fixed.
4) Since it came in the mail, it wasn't entirely wrinkled but there were some noticeable wrinkles, so I suggest you buy a steamer beforehand to help get rid of the wrinkles.
5) I got burgundy but the dress ended up being more of a dark reddish color which I didn't mind, but just keep in mind you may not get exactly the color you choose so maybe look at the pictures of the reviews before deciding on a color. I would say that the last photo most accurately represents the true color of the dress. It also shows how the sleeves look without altering since my safety pins came undone.
6) Feel free to contact them, they give you updates every week or two regarding your dress. But if you want to know where it is, make sure you ask them for the tracking number and a link. For my dress, I believe they used DHL and like I said, my dress was supposed to come four days before my event, but it came two days before instead and that was with the rush order, so just keep that in mind when ordering.
I'm around 5'6" and a size 0 in pants so these were the measurements I used. they were pretty fitted and the tailoring and dress quality were really good so I really suggest getting this dress if you're planning for an event at least a month in advance and are willing to pay around $10 extra for shipping.
Measurement Unit
Hollow to Floor

I hope this helped!



Amazing quality for such a cheap price. It came in super fast in the mail. Custom sizing was nearly perfect!!! The sides above my waist had some extra fabric around where it was sewn, so it’s a tad awkward around there. I also ordered for burgundy, but it came out more red than I expected. Otherwise, everything else is great! I am so excited to wear it to prom.



love my dress sooo much!!! super inexpensive yet amazing quality!!! fits absolutely perfectly thanks to custom sizing!!! fast shipping!!! can’t wait to wear it to prom!!! thank you so much

Jane Ellen Bogard


My daughter asked to use your site to not get one but two dressers for the dances she attended. Due to how reasonable the dresses were priced, I agreed. I want to say that was a wonderful decision on my part. She gave custom sizing to you and everything was carried out that she wanted! Thank you making these two dresses amazing dresses that she loved. She only had to tweak the lace arms on one dress due to the fabric being tight on her arms but she was still not disappointed by any means! I will be using Hebeos more in the future!



I could not have been happier with this dress. 11/10.



We ordered the custom size and it fits her perfectly. No shoes on in the picture. It came folded in a bag so it’s wrinkled. I will buy a steamer to fix that. It took 2 or 3 weeks for delivery. We are happy with the quality of the material. There is a lining and netting to make it puffy. The sewing quality if very good. It even has a built in bra.



I love the dress but it was a little bigger than what i measured






The picture does it no justice. The dress is Gorgeous.



This dress is Absolutely Beautiful!



I can not believe i got so good quality dress in such low price and the design is perfect,great!



Artisan craftsmanship on high quality, thick, elegant fabric. I haven't seen quality like this in a long time. Absolutely stunning.



This is a very very gorgeous dress with good quality material. The seller was very nice and coperative. Even though the dress was small, i will recoment that anyone purchasing dresses here should make sure they give out their measurement according to the seller measuring chat. But all in all am.in love with the dress.



This dress was beautiful, I actually had a choice I could've got it altered but I really didn't have to, one thing that had me surprised was how long the dress was other than that the dress was perfect.



My daughter and I loved the dress, the quality of the dress is great, will definitely, order again from this seller.I told them when I needed it and it arrived days before it was needed. Excellent services!



Had to be altered some in waist otherwise beautiful dress. My daughter wore it to prom it was gorgeous when all said and done . Great price worth every penny



My daughter purchased this dress for her 2017 prom. We went & got her measurements done & ordered the dress that was closest to her measurements. It fitted as expected.
Just letting you know just in case you like to eat a lot: You will have no room to gain weight. So, if you feel that you are going to eat a lot then you may want to get it a little bigger.
The material was thick. The train was perfect. I definitely recommend buying this dress.



I cannot say enough good things about this gown. It is positively stunning and fits perfectly! After placing my order i waa contacted by the designer and asked for my measurements. They custum made the gown for me and it is perfect! Highly recommend this seller and gown!



This dress is insanely gorgeous. Very Very well made. this dress looks exactly like the picture. High quality fabrics and custom made to my size. It's perfect. I am so in love with this dress!



Ordered these for my bridesmaids and they fit perfect! Looks exactly like the picture and absolutely love the pockets! Highly recommended and will order again!



I was honestly scared to buy this dress since there are so many fake websites out there that try to scam you but I promise you Hebeos is not going to do that. They responded to me emails within 24 hours and I am more than satisfied with the off the shoulder dress. I got it in dark green because I’m tan and this dress is stunning. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. I’m writing a review so other girls like me know that Hebeos is a legit website and they won’t scam you!



This dress was absolutely gorgeous. Custom size fits perfectly.



Beautiful dress! Fits Beautifully! Its for my daughter's prom. Thank you!

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